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200 ml mikado from the "Prana" collection

200 ml mikado from the "Prana" collection

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Perfumed mikado from the "Prana" collection by Cerabella. Available in four magnificent fragrances for moments of relaxation, serenity and comfort. It is presented in a glass bottle and wooden sticks with a kraft-colored cardboard box with a design that is both ecological and elegant.

Measure: 200 ml.


- Vital Breath has a fragrance of aqueous and citrus output, with a body of lily of the valley and a warm background of amber , which will be in charge of restoring your balance.

- Spiritual Amity is an explosion of citrus accompanied by a combination of lotus flower, moss and a marine chord , which will help you achieve harmony.

- Renaissance has an aroma of vibrant citrus top, watery body of lily of the valley and wood background , the ideal cocktail to renew your energy.

- Life Balance is the perfect combination of lotus flower with jasmine , which together with the warmth of sandalwood and vanilla , will pave the way to inner peace.

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