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La Cerería de l´Eixample

Scented handmade candle in glass and wooden box

Scented handmade candle in glass and wooden box

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Scented candle made by hand and with 100% vegetable wax presented in a glass and wooden box.

Measurement: 11 x 9.5 cm


- WHITE MUSK & PEONY. White musk is white musk . Of plant origin extracted from plants such as angelica, hibiscus, musk geranium or mimulus. It evokes a clean smell, softness and sweetness. Peonies have a very delicate floral aroma that is used in fine perfumery. It recalls some aspects of the rose fragrance with slight vegetal accents that evoke dew or lily of the valley.

- OUD & LIQUORIZE. Oud is a woody perfume. Licorize is licorice perfume.

- SAGE & MINT. Sage and mint perfume.

- WOOD & CLOVE. Wood and clove perfume.

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