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Small round pot anti-mosquito candle

Small round pot anti-mosquito candle

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Anti- mosquito candle in a small round stone pot.


Anti- mosquito candle in a round stone pot.

For outdoor use only as it has a large diameter wick for good combustion.

The measurements and colors are approximate since they are pieces made exclusively by hand in an artisan way.

Measurement: 27 x 14 cm.

Perfume: citronella and cucumber.

Colors: grey/white, gray and brown.

Anti- mosquito candles ideal for summer evenings and to decorate terraces, gardens, swimming pools and the decoration of all kinds of events. The wax is 100% recycled . Ecological stone . Material made from recycled construction elements . Mixed with water, aggregates, cement and clay, it forms a mortar that we model in the shape of the container and, once hardened, it is a material as resistant and stable as concrete or stone.

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